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Crypto and dollar investment site profit more than 1% every hour for a period of 96 hours

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The Gotfinance hyip project uses methods that are popular for investment. If you want to make your investment in USD, you can use perfect money and payeer payment systems.
The site accepts investments with crypto coins. The crypto coins you can use for investment are bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, dogecoin and dash. If you want to join project with minimum investment, you can choose the first package.

  1. It is the first investment plan to have the lowest investment 
  2. limitis among investment packages. The minimum investment 
  3. limit for this plan is 20 USD and provides a profit of 1.08% 
  4. every hour for 96 hours.
  5. Well, you have invested in the gotfinance project and it's time 
  6. to give a withdrawal order for the added profits. What path 
  7. should you follow to withdraw money?
  8. The answer to this question is quite simple. To place a 
  9. withdrawal order, you must first reach the minimum 
  10. withdrawal limit of 0.1 usd. You can then order a withdrawal for your profit by going to the Withdrawal page.

  • The site fulfills investor's withdrawal instructions instantly. Investors who order withdrawals do not pay any hidden fees for this transaction. The investments made are transferred to your account instantly and your profit starts to be transferred to your account after the first hour after the investment.