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KOVRITA company to invest in digital currencies

Today we will talk about a company 

Huh site of the best sites for investing digital currencies and the dollar 

They also have the Google Play and store app

How can I know my deposit earnings

The site is distinguished Income Calculator in order to do what is the profit of your deposit as it appears

The site also features 15 currencies and a bank for deposits and withdrawals

How can I create an account

The first step is to enter a username

The second step you must put the amil

The second step is to set a password

The fourth step is to place the captcha code

Step Five Register

How do I deposit

You must choose the currency, price and press a button Add funds

How can I withdraw

You can choose the currency the price you want to withdraw
And put the wallet and make a withdrawal and it will be treated immediately

There is also a bonus for promoting

This is the website link