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What is FUNGRAM and why did it become Wonderful?

 In 2020, a number of DeFi projects represented by LINK, COMP, and FYI have come to the fore, but there are still many pseudo-concept projects that are rapidly fermenting, and huge bubbles have alsoََ formed, and there is excessive hype and digestion. From the perspective of the global environment, some projects in the international market are relatively pure. Many DeFi unicorn projects are produced in Europe and the United States. Although investors in the East are enthusiastic, they often pay for them downstream.

Recently, I found a very interesting project, named FUNGRAM, Chinese name . At first glance it looks like a gaming platform, but it is not. I read some of their materials and introductions, and found that they are not just a blockchain project, but also want to make some more magnificent and industry-valued ecological products. Although it is also in the DeFi field, FUNGRAM has a new track of its own, that is, a decentralized blockchain application navigation search platform, which aims to establish a simple and intelligent blockchain world navigation portal. At the same time, the project combines social networks, insurance, loans, leverage and other financial derivatives to provide a financial foundation for user infrastructure to create a safe, private and efficient global financial system.

FUNGRAM will provide users with dedicated navigation and search pages for various blockchain applications, ensuring that users can use the FUNGRAM APP to quickly and easily find 99% of the world's various blockchain applications, or invest in other blockchains Defi application. Relying on these, value-added services such as advertising, ranking, recommendation, and evaluation can be provided in the future.

With a powerful search engine and recommendation algorithm, Fenglun will provide value-added services such as advertising, ranking, recommendation, and evaluation in the future. FUNGRAM will become the gateway to the entire blockchain ecosystem and is committed to becoming the "Google" of the blockchain industry.

After reading the white paper and promotion video on their official website, I personally feel that there are several points in the project design, which are relatively novel, website

1. Convergent DeFi applications

The advantage of DeFi over CeFi lies in its decentralization. I found that this project captures the essence of things and builds a digital bank based on the blockchain, which is a challenge and a reform of the disadvantages of traditional banks. Digital bank mainly includes digital assets, digital identity and digital social. It will be a digital asset wallet, identity ID, social tool and transaction link, and eventually become a value center.

FUNGRAM will first merge the wallets of each user account, and the associated user interface will allow the most common wallet interactions, and support millions of active users through integrated wallets, which is equivalent to the high TPS of the public chain, as well as those of Amazon and Alibaba. The business giants support high concurrency, and the technical design meets the needs of the digital age.

At the same time, this wallet can complete multi-currency storage and transfers, and also has a powerful community function. Users can communicate with each other, join the community, and establish their own digital asset circulation channels. Through community and democratization, users can choose the currency of the wallet.

The wallet uses a governance method similar to the DAO, which is equivalent to the node in the DEX voting for the online currency, and the user has a high voice.


In addition to paying attention to the users themselves, this project did not ignore the developers. They will establish a DAPP store in the future, and welcome FUNGRAM partners, blockchain technology communities, and development enthusiasts to publish their developed DAPP and smart contracts in the DAPP store. Allow users to easily obtain the DAPP and smart contract they need, and use FUNGRAM's evaluation system to evaluate DAPP.

I think this is equivalent to building a bridge between developers and users. When they create value for others, others will be grateful to them. Can achieve altruism, in fact, the team of this project is very socially responsible, rather than simply want to make money.

Defi financing/lending system

 As the preferred platform for investors, FUNGARAM has been committed to how to provide investors with greater liquidity and return on investment. 2.0 will open up a loan financing system, all assets in FUNGRAM can be used as pledged assets, and funds can be borrowed in proportion. These funds can be used as additional leveraged funds to invest in FG, or they can be withdrawn to participate in other investment pro